Windows 10 Update

To-Do Prime app is updated to Windows 10 with redesigned UI.


  • Swipe gestures on to-do to mark it done or reschedule.

  • New Inbox view shows to-do's that are due Today, Tomorrow, Past Due and Due in next 7 days.

  • Integrates with Action Center by adding Done and Snooze buttons on notification.

  • Configurable Features: App can be customized to show/hide the features as per your choice.

  • Improved date entry by predefined date picker drop down.

  • Improved repeating option by predefined repeats in drop down.

  • Improved reminder entry by predefined reminder picker drop down.


Main Page

    • What is Inbox view?

Inbox view shows the to-do's that are Past Due, Due Today, Due in Next 7 Days and the ones without any date assigned. The view was introduced to let users focus on current items.

    • What is Future view?

Future view shows to-do's that are due in future after 7 days from today.

Features Turn ON/OFF

To-Do Prime app has lots of features and many users do not use all the features. So with Windows 10 update features can be turned ON and OFF depending on individual choice.

Go to Settings > Features to configure the features in app.


Projects FAQ


Category FAQ


Folder FAQ

Help on windows 10 version of app will be available very soon...