FAQ - Windows Phone 8

★ How to create a To-Do repeating every day?

  1. Open the app.

  2. Tap on + sign on main page below app title.

  3. Enter the title and due date time as tomorrow date time.

  4. Now swipe left to view reminders page.

  5. Check on Alert at Due and setup additional reminders if required.

  6. Check the Repeats check box.

  7. Enter 1 after Every label box.

  8. Tap on One Time and select Day(s).

  9. Tap save button in bottom app bar.

  10. To-do will be saved and you will be taken back to main page.

    1. Reminder will be shown at due date time.

    2. When this to-do is marked done, it will create a to-do for next day.